Hydrator or Moisturizer? Which one is right for you?

Who doesn’t like a well-nourished, plump skin! Beautiful skin is no longer a phenomenon of 20s, we can be at any age and can maintain healthy skin. Taking good care of your skin and health is a form of self-love, your skin is a testimony of your inner wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise ensures good and healthy body as well as skin. 

Having a happy healthy skin at any stage of life and in every weather is all we want!

However, as we progress through our day to day lives, we go through many physical and emotional changes and these changes reflect on our skin! Weather too, stresses our skin, especially in extreme summer or winter. Sun exposure has often caused us all to have dry or dehydrated skin with breakouts and dullness. As we progress through our day to day lives, we go through many physical and emotional changes and these changes reflect on our skin!

Here today, let’s go deeper into moisturizers and hydrators; how they are essential to us and their use depending on different skin types.

 Hydrator and moisturizer: the difference

Moisturizers are oil-based ingredients, such as petroleum, mineral oil/plant oil. They work by creating a layer on the surface of the skin to try and keep the moisture from escaping through the skin surface, building your skin’s natural protective barrier.

Hydrators are water-based ingredients called humectants, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Hydrators absorb the moisture from your surrounding and help skin stay hydrated. In short, hydrators improve your skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients.

Though moisturizer and hydrators work differently, they serve the same purpose to fight dryness that could lead to early ageing!

Based on your skin type and the weather, you may need a hydrator, or a moisturizer or generally both. Many people consider that only dry skin needs moisturizer or hydrator, but that is not true. Like the way water is essential to keep your body hydrated, it’s the same for your skin. Your skin needs adequate hydration to stay healthy; no matter your skin type.

 For dry and dehydrated skin

If your skin is dehydrated, the cells in your skin are starving for water, so you have to give them water along with trapping whatever content of water they have, and a hydrator does this job. Your diet can also help a lot to combat dehydration, drink a lot of water and the fruits that have increased content of water, for example, watermelon, cucumber etc.

Hydrated skin feels soft, but it won’t stay soft if there is no oil to protect that hydration from escaping. If hydration escapes, skin ends up dry and flaky. And that’s where moisturizers come into play. Putting a moisturizer may visibly smooth the skin, restoring your skin’s plump and bouncy appearance.

Oily skin?

A common notion is that oily skin does not need a moisturizer or a hydrator. However, researches disagree entirely to this. You can have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time, and sometimes dehydration aggravates the condition.

You can have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time, and sometimes dehydration aggravates the condition

For such type of skin, a water-based hydrator or moisturizer is used. These moisturizers or hydrators do not block your pores as well as keep the moisture in.

Which one is for You?

Both moisturizers and hydrators help your skin to fight many things; most importantly, dryness, but also environmental stress that could lead to early ageing of your skin.

Dull and shine-less skin with fine lines and wrinkles indicates that you have dehydrated skin. You definitely need a hydrator if you see the signs. Dehydrated skin also needs a very thick moisturizer to trap and save moisture.

If you are battling with the question of which is right for your skin; the answer is both of them. Using a hydrator and applying a moisturizer over it, has proven to be beneficial.

Hydrators like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are among the best you can use.Coconut oil, jojoba oil or soybean oil or products based on these can be used as the best moisturizer.

Adequate moisture gives your skin radiance, smoothness and a youthful look. This is why hydrator and moisturizer are both essential to us. Best time to use them is before going to sleep or in the morning before applying your sunblock.

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